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STYLEBUILD has been penetrating the custom home building and development market for the past 7 years; taking our clients' visions and needs, putting them on paper and building them to an immaculate reality.

Our team is led by our CEO, Eldad Solomon, benefiting from his experience, knowledge and detail-oriented, hands-on management and involvement in our projects. Eldad works hand-in-hand with our team of designers, architects, engineers, project managers, carpenters, builders and all of our professionals staff and sub-contractors.

We understand timing, communication, and budget. We deliver it as planned. We believe and understand the importance of “team building” - whether it's our in-house team of professionals or a partnership with our clients' existing team. We get it done, and we get it done on time and within budget.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and due diligence for every project -  providing  design, all architectural and structural plans and more with accuracy and efficiency. Our design team is sensitive to each property's environment - we always provide a design that works with the surrounding neighborhood.



STYLEBUILD works together to deliver an excellent customer experience and exceptional end results - we would love to start our journey together to build something beautiful.

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